Call For Action

Climate & Justice Games, Hannover

Call For Action!

Join the Climate & Justice Games, 13-17 November, Hannover, Germany!

Why Climate & Justice Games?

After Paris, Amsterdam, Basel and Vienna, climate games are now taking place in Hannover for the first time. We want to put focus on both climate and justice, in order to make it clear that the exploitation of animals, humans and nature cannot be understood in isolation from each other, and to strengthen the common struggles of many left and social movements. The occasion is the EuroTier fair - the world's largest trade fair for animal husbandry, which takes place every two years in Hannover. But the Climate & Justice Games will provide an opportunity to point out and disrupt other places and actors that stand for climate change, social injustice and animal exploitation.

Why Climate?

Few of the current global crises are causing as much concern as climate change, and rightly so. On the agenda is the worsening of living conditions for most of the planet's inhabitants, albeit to varying degrees: unpredictable risks to drinking water, food and housing, as well as emissions that will have effects for centuries. In addition to coal-fired power generation and motorised traffic, animal production contributes significantly to global warming. At the same time, climate change is accelerating.

Why animal production? Why the EuroTier fair?

Animal production stands for an industrialised form of animal exploitation like no other industry. At the same time, it stands for climate change, land grabbing, cheap exports and the consequent violation of food sovereignty, species mass extinction and the violation of other planetary borders, an extremely low-wage sector, the wasting of food and production forces, a monopoly by a few large corporations, and Germany's aggressive and dominant position on the world market. The EuroTier is one of the most important meeting places for actors in animal production and agriculture, neighbouring sectors as well as politics and administration. Around 160,000 visitors can find out about "the latest trends and innovations in the fields of animal husbandry, management and services” at more than 2,000 exhibition stands, specialist events and conferences. Live cattle, pigs and other animals will be presented as means of production and goods in animal shows.

System Change!

It is now undeniable that top-down climate protection and animal welfare - let alone climate justice and animal liberation – is not functioning: the dismissal by the new German Federal Government of self-imposed climate protection targets for 2020, as well as ridiculously low prices for emission allowances are just a symptom of the all-encompassing failure of climate policy under a capitalist framework; consumers are supposed to be reassured by animal welfare laws that are not even implemented. Various animal welfare and organic labels allow corporations to continue to profit at animals' expense. The current system benefits the few and harms all. More and more people are therefore realising that serious climate action and social animal liberation must put the whole system into question. System change means more than just another agricultural or energy system!

Why beyond animal production?

Animal production is just one symptom of an unjust and destructive system in which the life and freedom of humans and other animals are subordinated to the profit and advancement of those in power, and which estinguishes solidarity and compassion. To show this, we plan to declare Hannover a playing field. We scout out potential action sites and call out for creative actions. We will push for socio-ecological change and make it clear that climate justice and animal liberation are not only necessary, but also feasible!

Be it climbing actions, demonstrations, go-ins, street painting, blockades or something totally different - be inventive and determined. With our actions, we confront not only the EuroTier, but also the prevailing power relations in society - capitalism, institutional and societal racism, sexism and all forms of domination. In our actions there is no room for reactionary ideologies. Our action days are emancipatory and this will be visible in the types of our actions. We stand in solidarity with all activists who fight world-wide for a better world.

Attend the Games!

You can develop your own actions or join others. Different topics fit with different forms of action and there will be something for everybody. We will visit sites where environmental destruction and social injustice occurs. If possible, form affinity groups beforehand and plan your action together. But during the action days there will also be the opportunity to form affinity groups. From the 15 November we will organize infrastructure like legal team, kitchen, meeting points and sleeping places.

AniCA (Animal Climate Action)
Ariwa Hannover (Animal Rights Watch Hannover)
ZimT (Zucker im Tank).


13.-17. November 2018

Infrastruktur im Korn

15.-17. November

gemeinsame Demo

17. November


12.-14. Oktober
UJZ-Korn, Kornstraße 28, Hannover

Infoveranstaltung Hannover

8. Oktober, 20:00 Uhr
UJZ-Korn, Kornstraße 28, Hannover

Infoveranstaltung Bremen

4. Oktober, 20:00 Uhr
KlimaWerkStadt, Westerstraße 58, 28199 Bremen

Infoveranstaltung Göttingen

2. Oktober, ca. 21:00 Uhr
JuZi, Bürgerstraße 41, 37073 Göttingen

Infoveranstaltung Magdeburg

19. September
Thiembuktu, Thiemstraße 13, 39104 Magdeburg

Infoveranstaltung Osnabrück

18. September, 19:00 Uhr
Café Résistance, SubstAnZ,Frankenstraße 25a

Infoveranstaltung Berlin

15. September, 19:30 Uhr
Weltraum, Ratiborstraße 4

Infoveranstaltung Hannover

29. August